A'LAR with Orisett the exceptional blood sugar management, certified by GRAS and USFDA.
Alar Water
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A'lar Diabetes control drink lowers blood sugar

Imported herbal extract ingredients - The product contains natural extracts from the US and Europe.
No added sugar - This product uses diabetic-friendly sweeteners instead of sugar.
Safety and satisfaction - Formula researched and developed by famous universities.

A'lar main ingredients are :

Orisett Lowers blood sugar by 13% in 30 minutes.
Inulin Aids constipation treatment
Ginseng Stimulates insulin and enhances immunity.
Ginger Prevents cancer, regulates blood sugar.
unroasted green coffee beans Boosts metabolism, reduces bad fat, lowers blood sugar
Acerola Cherry Rich in vitamin C, antioxidants; slows aging, promotes collagen.
Cinnamon Lowers cholesterol, balances fat
Isolate Whey Protein Revitalizes the body, eliminates fatigue

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A'lar Drink

Control blood sugar and stay healthy with our delicious and nutritious drinks, packed with essential vitamins, minerals, fiber, and pure whey protein isolate from premium herbal extracts.
  • A'lar Drink
  • Complete and balanced nutrition drinks with Carbohydrate, dietary fiber, Vitamin & Minerals and Protein (Whey protein isolate) from imported herbal extracts
    Size 6x90 ml.

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